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  • The Sound of Music.

    Most people enjoy the experience of an eagerly awaited Summer BlockBuster movie feature. Be it a one-off story or a popular franchise that generates sequels every other year. As a matter of fact, cinema in recent years, has become an extremely visual experience pushing the boundaries of telling a story through compelling visual imagery.

    However, there is one aspect of cinema which is intangible, yet an integral part. The soundtracks and the sound effects. It is sound and music that helps connect a story or a visual to the audience. I really do believe this is what creates the atmosphere and mood for a movie.

    Having been very musically inclined from a young age, I do love my soundtracks in my movies but what has been fascinating me even more in recent years is my exposure to sound effects. Yes, many would notice a gunshot fired in a movie, or the footsteps of someone slowly creeping through the woods and with the ever growing audio technology with Dolby 7.1 and Atmos its never been better. What made me curious about this is how this is created. There are several libraries of existing sound effects but if you take a movie like Transformers where you notice some really exciting and unknown sounds, it makes one wonder, how do they do this?

    Well… the video below is a simple example of just how precise and detailed audio effects artists are with sounds which one may not even hear without carefully searching for it. Soundworks Collection is a website with alot of information and videos about the art of sound effects. Definitely a good place to start for a SFX enthusiast.

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