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  • Strawberry Swing!

    The Strawberry Swing Stop Motion Feature.

    I have recently been listening to alot of music soundtracks and today for a change I realised, As awesome as music is, today it feels incomplete without vocals. So I updated my iPod and added a few of my absolute favourite songs created by Coldplay.

    Now Coldplay, has been a very interesting music group, I used to listen to their songs back in college and always wondered that ” Wow! These songs that they compose are so melodically depressing, moving and sad!” It often made me wonder about the lives of these artists, whether they have “lived” through these situations that they mention in some of their songs.. or are they just really good when it comes to telling stories with music…

    When I was in University College, while researching and working, I used to listen to a lot of their songs unknowingly as it used to be shuffling through my iPod only for me to go from being a happy fun person to someone who feels sad and depressed. My friends often asked me why i feel this way, and occasionally I used to respond by saying “I don’t know!!!!”  The truth is my life was great! There was nothing to be depressed about.

    One fine day, a friend of mine was browsing through my music tracks and realised the number of Coldplay songs that I have running through my playlist. That is the day I realised why I had been so quiet and depressed sometimes without really having any reason to be that way. It was these songs that I used to listen to.. lol.. I’m guessing, the thing is.. when you keep on listening to slow sad melodic songs over a long period of time, its fairly easy to make yourself fall into that mood and let it influence your psyche unknowingly.

    Glad I figured that one out, or I would probably be some depressed soul floating around on this planet. But having said that. Their songs are beautiful. Both lyrically and musically and sometimes artistically. I am very sure millions of people can relate with many of their songs.

    Earlier Today. I was browsing through their songs and stumbled across a very creatively made music video for their song Strawberry Swing. I remember watching this video at the time of its release in late 2009 and found it to be rather well thought of in terms of using stop-motion animation and hand-drawn art coupled together with the seamless compositing and integration by MPC London.. to portrait a rather interesting story through this song. Although this style is not original, as it has been attempted several times before, I still believe what makes this video feature stand out more than the others is probably the use of perspective and depth that they manage to integrate within very successfully. What can I say? Two year later, this video is still as awesome.


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