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    The Magic Will Never End... Simple Follow The Owl...

    The Magic Will Never End... Simple Follow The Owl...

    POTTERMORE was recently announced as JK Rowling’s next project. Having been a fan of the magic and the amazingly vast and enormously detailed wizarding world created by JKR, it is not surprising as to the attention that it has been receiving.

    What is Pottermore? Well in the simplest of words, its an extension of the Potter Universe, a place for fans and readers to discover things about the universe not yet known to many.

    As many would know, I am a fan of the series and having had grown up reading the books and movies as they came out, I would say it has played a significant part in my life. But I will leave that story for another post…

    As IT ALL ENDS this July 14th, The final movie, in many ways, marks the end of over a decade of magic and fantasy through its artistically written and captivating story-telling. Pottermore, as per me, is a way to keep the legacy of these stories going, even if life, at the end of the final movie, comes to a full circle for the avid readers and fans of the amazingly successful series.

    The Pottermore Introductory video is very simple and aesthetically beautiful. A short stop-motion animation running through the video which is very well presented artistically. It keeps the magic alive.

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