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  • Music… In My Life.

    The Beatles - One Of My Absolute Favourites.

    MUSIC is something that no one in their right mind would ever say that they don’t like it. Question is.. WHY..?

    Why is music so powerful and impacting in our lives emotionally..? What connects a person to a song or its lyric for that matter..? I guess it doesn’t take a genius to answer that, as it simply is based on how you relate certain situations in your life with music.

    As for me, I know i am a lyrical person. Yes, the melody matters as well, One band that I think is brilliant and unrivalled in terms of expressing through lyrics melodically are The Beatles, hands down!

    Sometimes words have more meaning than the music, maybe this means that I am talking about poetry and not music…! haha… well.. either-way, the point is that, even the most regular song sometimes can remind you of something or someone who is not even that close to you. Who knows WHY….!!!!!!

    Maybe, because that song was playing somewhere when you first met them or that person introduced you to that song..? hmmm.. this post is full of buts and maybes, BUT (lol), you can’t deny that it is fascinating to think about. Let me tell you about how I relate to some songs.

    One of my most important time in life was when i was finishing my grade 10 examinations. It was a milestone in my life. The stepping stone to a whole new world, a key that pushed you right out of your perfectly protected bubble world into the scary and unknown. It was a time of excitement, of uncertainty.

    All my school life, I always waited and wondered when would the day come when I am out of school and into the real world????? Truth is, when that day finally approaches… Yeah, you can feel the aroma of freedom lingering around you, but you also start to feel uneasy and older and responsible to an extent.

    As a young boy, I had all these thoughts running through my cortex..(yet I feel that my brain ended up with one convolution too less..!) Still, somehow, there was one song that I used to hear again and again.. which always comforted me. The song is about hope, about a new beginning, about getting ready for the unknown and doing all of that with confidence and excitement. When I started grade 10, I heard this song, and I always had somehow subconsciously decided that, the day I finish my school life. I will walk home. Go into my room, Lock myself, Turn up the speakers and listen to this song and cherish the moment.

    “As the sun goes down… waking up my dreams..” (BBMak – Outta My Heart, Into You Head)

    Why this song? I may never know. But it connected with me. It made me visualize strange things (NO, I was NOT on drugs) like taking a road trip with my friends in a car with a top-down hatch and seeing the countryside and enjoying a new life. Of course none of this ever happened. But to this day, It reminds me of this.

    There are other songs which you listen to again and again maybe when you are with friends and you just cant get enough of it… But years later.. when your life becomes all about work and responsibility, with a million things on your mind, both happy and unhappy. Picture this… It’s a rainy evening and you are driving back home from work, you listen to the drizzle of the rain, tapping on your windshield (I love that sound by the by) and the monotonous sound of your car wiper swiping back and forth…  and you turn on the radio and you hear that same old song playing that you once were crazy about and used to listen to repeatedly. But this time, things have changed, you just smile and listen to the song once or perhaps switch the radio channel to something else. Why?

    For me, maybe its about nostalgia, maybe its about how sometimes you reminisce the younger days of being carefree and naive. About the times that you spent with friends, who were inseparable from you at one time and now you haven’t even spoken to them in years. Sometimes, I like to listen to these songs and get pleasantly surprised.

    Sometimes. I do not want to listen to them, as there are times when I remember good and happy memories and want to run away from them, because you know that even if you live a happy life, you will never ever get that time of your life back. Those priceless and precious moments that define your life and who you are today.

    Some songs can make you cry, every time you listen to it, for weeks and months on end …maybe its related to losing someone close in your life, maybe its a song which you associate with your first heartbreak…

    “Never Knowing.. What Could Have Been” (Rascal Flatts – What Hurts The Most).

    Words like these always leave strong imprints on my heart and mind. We all associate with music at such personal levels but even though there are scientific explanations, it is still mystical for me as to how a song can make you emote intense sorrow, sadness, happiness or anger. Be it for a yourself, a friend, a loved one or your family.

    Mama told me when I was young, Come sit beside me, my only son. (Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man)

    I have even tried writings and composing songs, not to be an artist, but because sometimes when you are unsure or sad or unhappy in life, music is what helps you get through it. It’s like what my sister always tells me, Music writing and composition is a form of Catharsis, A place where you can emit all your bottled up emotions, that you have no other way of expressing. And this has always gotten me through various situations in life.

    “As I jot down the words that’ll never be sung, and wait for my eyesight to fade” (Electric President – Insomnia)

    It’s beautiful. The human connection to music. It has been around for thousands of years in several forms. It is what universally always unites people in ways that are unimaginable.

    Even still, for me, Music is much simpler. It’s an emotion that helps you get through a lot in life. My ideal is based on what Leopold Stokowski once said.

    “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

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