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    It All Ends.


    14 years of storytelling magic, 10 years of movie magic, 8 Movies, 7 Books and it all comes down to tonite where It All Ends.

    Having grown up reading about the world of wizardry, the creative genius of JKR, The journey of the famous boy wizard and his friends to make good triumph over the ominous evil of Lord Voldemort. This series has had a very strong influence on me both personally as a person and professionally. I’m glad I read these stories and been part of this awesomeness.

    I’m pumped! I’m excited for the epic conclusion. IT ALL ENDS!  and I shall complete the journey in IMAX 3D as well! Wooohooo…!

    I could not think of a better way to sum up this post but with the following video. I’d like to end on this note.

    Mischief Managed.

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