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  • Infinity : Keep Thinking..!

    A few days ago, an email from a friend popped into my mailbox. He wanted to share a video link and, for some reason, although, it is JUST about clicking on the link, I kept putting it off… for days. It was a phase where I was doubting my allegiance towards the art of VFX, that I was failing myself in what I set out to do. I was looking for something uplifting and inspiring. At this point,  I decided to view that video link my friend had sent to me… and boy was I glad that i did !!

    WOW.. I was BLOWN away. Batelco presents Infinity, a new short film ad campaign from Bahrain Telecommunications. Some of you may have already seen it, as it has been around for a while but I just saw it recently… and it just absolutely AMAZING..! The magical chemistry of creativity, aesthetics and simplicity, ALL coupled together to form a kindling alchemy, is what this feature is all about. Simply Beautiful.

    It is created by Unexpected Post Production located in Stuttgart. For me, all this truly was unexpected. Having seen this video several times along with the making of videos (which by the way is as exciting as the feature itself), I’m inspired!!!

    It has instilled a renewed sense of passion in me. Stunning visuals with some beautiful story-telling as well… Sets the imagination running wild and makes you believe that nothing truly is impossible. It also uses some innovative technology  in the form of Helicams. Brilliant!

    I recommend that you watch this feature and you can find even more information and content on their Facebook page. All in all… I would like to conclude by saying that, if this short feature doesn’t inspire a Visual Effects artist… I don’t know what will..!

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