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  • A Father’s Day Note.

    My Dad By The Courtside...

    Every boy always has one dream… to grow up to be like his father.. As a child, i used to imitate every action that my father portrayed. Walk like him, talk like him… wear his shirts and ties which could be considered a XXL size in comparison to my small and skinny body (although i disillusioned myself to believe i was muscular with a six pack, even at the age of 8). I remember sneaking into the wash room and looking at his razor and being so fascinated that i used to pretend to be him and try shaving my non existent beard. I was so stupid that i used to swipe the razor onto my cheek and minutes later wonder why my skin is burning… ignoring that.. i use to pretend to be way cooler and move on to the after shave and apply that, only to find all hell break lose and experience extreme burning, a sting of a million scorpions penetrating through my super soft baby skin… and all I could do was scream… and then wonder.. “What’s with that after-shave..?” Little did my brain know that it was not the after shave that was the problem.. it was me driving the razor up and down my facial terrain..! Lol. This still amuses me.

    Years later.. At a time I’d like to believe i got smarter… i took up to tennis, as i have once mentioned in a previous post. Tennis is to my family what a sparkling crown is to a King. I grew up watching my Dad play various sports…Cricket.. for example, where he used to play league matches with his office mates and captain the team and wear the traditional cable knit pullovers which basically were white sweaters with black bands popularized in the 1920s.  I use to watch him play and be in awe. He was my hero. I wanted to be just like him.  So I did decide to do that with tennis. I played and practiced and frankly, i loved the game.

    Recently, after playing and practising tennis for the past few years, something hit me… in wanting to be like my dad, I forgot something that was far more important!!!

    I never played a game of tennis against him. And that got me thinking..if I have a wish, it has to be to play tennis with my dad. So after a long time when we were finally in the same city. I got my wish. My mum and dad came down to meet me and I took my dad to the courts for a hit and dare I say, I have been playing regularly and my dad hasn’t played in nearly ten years. But, he looked like someone who had probably not played for a week or two at the most. He made me run across, back and forth and all over the court…It made me feel great, getting to play this way with him and also to clarify in my head as to where exactly does the love for this game really come from.. the answer was clear… from watching my dad play. 🙂

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